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Welcome to a 5 week course to improve your meetings with Microsoft Teams!

With minimal impact on your workday we spend 1-2 hours a week to engage and learn. We begin with a 1-hour Inspiration, followed by three 2-hour session and concluding with 1 hour of Questions & Answers.

Note: In this course we have an option for the 3rd training session, either learn Booking Calendar or Webinar, alternately a quick rundown on both.

The course is designed for a group of 5-9 participants.

Every participant Get a Digital badge from Credly on completion.

2 500€

(price is for the whole group)

productive meetings badge
What is the required skill level?

There is no level requirement, the trainers will adapt the training to the groups average. This also means that the skill level will increase if the same course is taken more than once.

Why is the participant limit set to 9?

Because of our engagement style training, larger groups will require too much time to give a quality delivery.

If you are 10 or more, have two groups.

Why is the training online?

Because this training is designed for modern work. This means no travel time or cost, and you can join from anywhere.

Every course is held by certified Teams Nordic Trainers following our unique training model.
They are also is available in Norwegian, Swedish and English.