Teams Nordic Courses

Every course follows the Teams Nordic Model, a modern training metod for quickly getting your group engaged in Microsoft Teams.

Teams Nordic Model

The teams nordic is a modern, cloud-first, hybrid, participant focused… 💤…adapted, engaging +++ type of training.

To make it simple, it’s a course designed from a user perspective. We teach at your groups knowledge level and adapt the training to your needs. Only one session per week, maximum two hours per session. This gives you about 95% time to focus on work and use what you learnt in your own environment.

Each session is built on recap, Q&A and discussions. Before taking a dive into the barrel of knowledge. These intensive and dialogue based sessions gives you what you need to understand Microsoft Teams and how your team can benefit from it.

Teams Nordic Trainers (TNT)

Teams Nordic certified Trainers are technical pedagogues. They know both how Microsoft Teams works and how to convey it to you and your team. They are experienced in both usage and adapting the knowledge to your company’s needs.

They even has a range of experts to help them in case they come over a completely new scenario. This makes it possible for you to get a training that fit your needs no matter the skill level.

I always disliked taking courses, so I designed one that I would love to take!

Daniel Kåven
Teams Nordic Founder