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Our Courses

All our main courses are for groups that work together, are held online and the trainer will adapt the level to your groups average skill.

We currently offer 3 courses, but recommend you start with Better Collaboration. This course is designed to get your group started and is used partly as a base for our other courses.

From there you got some options to choose from. For those who work with projects, we recommend the Smarter Projects to organize and improve on communication and task management. If you aren’t project focused yet, Smarter meetings helps you with your hybrid meetings.


Course Design

Each course is designed with 5 sessions of up to 2 hours. The sessions are once per week and covers both the tool and work methods. Each course is unique depending on your groups needs and composition.

The design has been tested and refined the since 2018 to give you the most effective training in the shortest time.


The Benefits

By mastering our work tools we get more things done. Our trainings aim to save you a minimum of 1 hours a week at course end. This accumulates to ~1 extra work week a year per employee.

One course can then give a ROI of 300% or more. But more importantly your employees will feel more competent at work. This can reduce stress and help with retaining them.

No, the courses are adapted to your groups skill level. The Trainer will identify your needs and lead the training accordingly.

Our experience is that a top-down approace is the best. Start with the leader group and have each leader join their group in training. This gives the management a headstart which helps when leading their group in the transition.

The more you know, the more you want to learn. We recommend six months between the two first courses and then one course a year.

The tools are ever changing and work methods improved. So keeping your group up to date and improve on their skills will give you a more year after year.

The recommended group is 6-8 participants. At 10+ the quality of the training drops since handling a large group on distance will take focus away from what’s important.

Yes, for this type of intensive training, it’s better to have two groups of 5, than one of 10. 

We recommend that the groups are split by skill level. This gives everyone a better chance of learning more.