about us

Our mission guide you through your digital transformation.

Challenging the nordic SMB Market

With a passion for change and progress, Daniel Kåven has spent the last few years adapting Microsoft 365 technology into functional work methods and strategies for the Nordic SMB Market.

Beginning in 2018 with Microsoft Teams training and continuing developing both Microsoft Partners and companies with a fresh way of thinking business development and training.

Inspiring in his talks and active in communities, he shares his knowledge to anyone who has the time to listen.

Designing structures for utilizing Microsoft 365 as well as understanding both company and customer needs and wants.

With the purpose of being a #GameChanger, you will allways find improvements on micro and macro scale. The challenge is to engage people in the journey.

our values


We choose partners that deliver with the customer in mind, with quality and purpose as well as a dynamic mindset.


The end-user should always be the focus, the tools are only to aid in them to reach new heights.


Everything with a purpose! With this you can find the right people to do the right things.


Innovation isn’t recreating the wheel. Instead we need to find new and better ways to use it. Simplicity is key, but to make something simple requires complex thought.

meet our team

Daniel Kåven

Owner and Digital pedagogue

The Jack of all trades that inspire and guide companies and individuals in their Journey to improve with Digital Transformation and Microsoft 365.

Krister Gunnar

Krister Gunnar

Swedish Trainer

Simplifying technology for the computer illiterate and active users alike. With decades of experience, he knows how to explain Microsoft 365 so anyone can understand.